Agreed at a General Meeting on 8th November 2011

Amended 5th October 2019


The Club shall be called the BASINGSTOKE (1945) RIFLE CLUB.

The object of the club shall be to encourage the skill of rifle and muzzle loading pistol shooting.

The Club shall be affiliated to the National Small-Bore Rifle Association and any other associations that may be considered by the Committee.

The club shall have regular use of ranges with safety certificates for the categories of firearm in respect of which approval is being sought or given, as the case may be.


The Club shall be managed by a committee consisting of the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Police Liaison Officer and up to seven other members, all of whom shall be elected at a General Meeting.  During the year members may be co-opted to the committee to fulfil special purposes. The club may elect a President and vice Presidents.

Any Officer or member of the Committee may be removed by a majority of two-thirds of the Members present at any General Meeting, and such vote may be taken by secret ballot.

The Committee may make Bye-Laws and Rules in regard to the use of the range, and the well being of the Club.  Any Bye-Laws and Rules made by the Committee shall be published by being exhibited on the Club Notice Board, and shall thereafter have all the force and effect of the Bye-Laws and Rules, but shall be submitted for confirmation at the next Annual General Meeting.

The duties of the committee shall include:-

Agreeing entries to external competitions, drawing up conditions for internal competitions, arranging handicapping and matches, organising working parties, etc., for the general well being of the Club.  The mark up on ammunition shall also be decided by the committee.

The Committee and Officers are hereby indemnified by the Club against any claim or demand in respect of any liability, properly and bona-fide, incurred on behalf of the Club.

The Committee shall have the power to legislate upon any point not provided for in these Bye-Laws and Rules.


The property of the Club (other than cash which will be under the control of the Treasurer) shall be vested in the Trustees of the Club.  It shall be managed as directed by resolution of the Committee (of which an entry in the Minute book shall be conclusive evidence).   The numbers of the Trustees shall be not more than four, nor less than two, and they shall be indemnified against risk and expenses out of the Club property.  Trustees shall be the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer of the club. The names of the Trustees are to be notified to the Lessor and to the bank.


Application for Membership shall be made to the Secretary.  Such applications shall be considered at a meeting of the Committee.  A prospective member must provide the names of two people that the club may approach for suitable references.  A prospective member must also be sponsored by a full club member.

A 3 month (or 12 visits, whichever is the sooner, subject to coaches approval) probationary period shall be served before a potential member can be accepted to full membership.  The probationary member must attend and shoot regularly during the probationary period.

The probationary member will be given a course in the safe handling and use of firearms on a one-to-one basis by someone who is either a full member of the club or who is a coach with qualifications recognised by the Great Britain Target Shooting Federation and governing bodies. Until the probationary member has satisfactorily completed the course they must be supervised at all times when in possession of a firearm or ammunition by a full member or coach as above.

The probationary period may be waived, at the club’s discretion, for someone who is already a full member of another club which has been approved by the Secretary of State in respect of the same type or types of firearm; or holds a firearm certificate; or has handled firearms in the course of his/her duty in the police or the armed services, and has a statement from his/her existing or former senior/commanding officer saying that he/she is fully trained in handling the type of firearms in respect of which the club has obtained approval and is able to use them safely without supervision.

The club membership shall be divided into the following categories:-

  1. Probationary: For first six months only, then membership is to be reviewed for full membership
  2. Full: Shooting Members, those who wish to shoot under the auspices of the club
  3. Associate: Associate membership may be granted to non-shooting members
  4. Honorary Life: Awarded to any member by prior proposal by the committee for ratification at the AGM.
  5. Junior: Those under the age of 18 at the beginning of the financial year.

Membership conditions

  1. The club shall maintain a register of attendance of all members together with details for each visit of the firearms which they used and the competitions, if any, in which they took part.  These records shall be kept for a minimum of seven years.
  2. The police liaison officer will inform the police :-
    (a) Of any holder of a firearm certificate who has ceased to be a member for whatever reason.
    (b) Of any member who holds a firearms certificate and who has not shot with the club for a period of 12 months.
    (c) Of any application for membership, giving the applicant’s full name, address and D.O.B., and of the outcome of any application.
  3. No application for full or probationary membership will be granted unless the applicant has informed the club of whether he or she has ever had an application for a firearm or shotgun certificate refused by the police, or had a certificate revoked.
  4. Members, prospective members and guests shall sign a declaration that they are not prohibited from possessing a firearm or ammunition by virtue of section 21 of the Firearms Act 1968 (which applies to persons who have served a term of imprisonment).
  5. The club shall not run a day or temporary membership scheme.
  6. The club shall not have more than 12 guest days a year. Guest members must be either members of a recognised outside organisation or people who are known personally to at least one full member of the club.
  7. Guests must be supervised on a one to one basis at all times when handling firearms and ammunition by either a full club member or someone who is a coach with a qualification recognised by the UK or national Sports Council.
  8. Guest days shall be approved by the committee, and the organiser shall provide the police liaison officer with a list of the guest members and the date of the guest day.  The Police Liaison Officer must notify each guest day to the police firearms licensing department of the area in which the guest day is to take place at least 48 hours in advance..
  9. The club shall never have more probationary members than full members
  10. Each non-Firearm Certificate holder shall, after shooting and before leaving the range, sign to say that they have no live ammunition on their person.
  11. The committee may remove from the roll of Members, any person whose conduct on the range or upon any premises occupied by the Club, or elsewhere, is unsafe, objectionable or calculated to bring the Club into disrepute, and such Member shall have no claim on the Club for any subscription or entrance fee paid.  Such Member may have the right of appeal to an Extraordinary General Meeting, provided 14 days’ notice be given to the Secretary.
  12. The Committee (all those present) may remove from the club’s premises at any time, for any reason, any person whose conduct on the range or upon any premises occupied by the Club, or elsewhere, is unsafe, objectionable or calculated to bring the Club into disrepute.


All fees will be decided at a General Meeting and apply until changed.  Fees are to be paid by the due date, or on joining.

Full / Probationary: As decided at the AGM.  Members joining during the year shall pay the balance for the current financial year proportioned to the nearest quarter, plus a joining fee.

Associate: Associate (non-shooting) membership fee shall be in the order of 30% of the full membership fee (as decided by the AGM).

Honorary Life: No membership fee.

Junior: Half the members fee, as above.

Green Fee: As decided at a General Meeting



The Club year shall start on April 6th.

The Committee shall authorise the payment of accounts and incur any normal liabilities on behalf of the Club.

Subscriptions shall be annual, payable (in advance) by 1st June in each year.  Any member whose subscription is not paid by 31stAugust may be debarred from the privileges of membership by the Committee.

Any person receiving money on behalf of the Club shall forthwith hand the same to the Treasurer.

Money owing to the club by members (except for subscriptions, ammunition and green fees) shall be paid within four weeks.

The Auditor or Auditors shall examine the Accounts, with the invoices and vouchers, prior to the Annual General Meeting, and shall append thereto a Certificate to the effect that such are correct, and fairly represent the expenditure and receipts of the Club and its Assets and Liabilities.  They may at any time inspect any book, document or property of the Club, in the possession of any Officer or member, and make a report thereon in writing to the Committee.


A General Meeting shall be held annually, as soon as possible after the end of the financial year, April 5th.  At least fourteen days’ notice of such meeting shall be given to the Members.  The following business shall include: – Election of Officers (including Auditor or Auditors) and Committee, receipt of the Accounts and report(s) of the Committee, revision and amendment of the Constitution and Rules and Byelaws (if necessary) and consideration of any other business.

A number of Committee Meetings may be held throughout the year in order to manage the club.  At least seven days notice shall be given of Committee Meetings, at which the quorum shall be four.  The committee shall resign, en bloc, at the next Annual General Meeting.

Upon the receipt of a requisition, in writing, duly setting out the purpose, signed by twelve members or if the membership falls below 36, one third of the membership, and delivered to the Secretary, the Committee shall within 14 days convene an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Club.

Upon such a requisition being duly served and not complied with within 14 days, the requestors may themselves convene an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Club by giving 7 days notice in writing to the Members duly setting out the purpose for which such Meeting is called.  Any resolutions passed at such meeting shall have the same force and effect as if it were passed at a Meeting convened by the Committee.

Voting at  i)  a General Meeting. Only full and honorary members may vote,

ii)  at other meetings    all members present may vote.

Resolutions shall be passed by a simple majority, except where an Officer or member of the Committee is to be removed.  On a tie the Chairman shall have a casting vote


General Safety Rules;

i.   Before receiving a firearm from anyone, ALWAYS check that the breech is open and the firearm is unloaded.

ii.   NEVER point a firearm at anyone, whether loaded or unloaded.

iii.   NEVER load a firearm other than on the firing point under the instructions of the range officer.

iv.   When off the firing point NEVER leave a firearm unattended unless it is secured.

v.   Before handing a firearm to someone, ALWAYS check that the breech is open and the firearm is unloaded.

vi.   At the end of shooting, ALWAYS hand any firearm (and any unused ammunition), which you do not own personally, to a club official (who will assume responsibility for its security).

Range safety Rules

i.    DO NOT ENTER the range without permission of the range officer

ii.   DO NOT MOVE onto a firing point when shooting is taking place, unless instructing.

iii.   DO NOT MOVE from a firing point when shooting is taking place without permission of the range officer.

iv.   OBSERVE THE INSTRUCTIONS of the range officer at all times

v.   LEAVE THE BREECH OPEN when not firing.

vi.   DO NOT LOAD OR FIRE until instructed to do so.


viii.   CHECK that your firearm is unloaded before leaving the firing point.

ix.   DO NOT MOVE FORWARD of the firing point without the permission of the range officer.

x.   PICK UP ALL EMPTY CASES after firing and place them in the bins provided. ENSURE THEY DO NOT INCLUDE LIVE ROUNDS

xi.   NEVER HAVE LIVE rounds and DUMMY (drill) rounds IN THE SAME PLACE.

xii.   When adopting a firing position to check your sights or to dry fire, ALWAYS do so on the firing point, keeping the firearm pointing down the range in a position from which it would be safe in all respects to fire.

Range Bye Laws

i.      The official club shooting times are as posted by the committee in the club house.

ii.      A range or green fee is payable by each shooting member on each visit.

iii.      No member may shoot alone; they must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

iv.      Juniors and probationary members may only shoot if a full member is present.

v.      No shooting may take place on the outdoor range without 2 red flags being prominently displayed. One at each end of the range adjacent to the public highway.

vi.      All members are requested to ensure that the range is kept clean and tidy (please pick up your empties).

vii.      Non-FAC holders shall sign to say that no live ammunition is being taken from the premises.