NEW quiz questions, especially smallbore-related are most welcome!
What does the "LR" mean in the context of .22 calibre ammunition?
Which of the following is NOT a brand of .22 Target Rifle?
- Walther
- Anschootz
- Feinwerkbau
- Hammerli
What Ammo?
Which if the following .22LR ammunition is the fastest?
- CCI Standard
- Eley Club
- RWS 100
- CCI Minimag
What is this? Why is this remarkable?
What is this? Why might you need one?
What is this? What do these cost?
What is the maximum velocity ammunition I can use at the club?
- 1034 ft/sec
- 1245 ft/sec
- 1734 ft/sec
- 2000 ft/sec

What is Coriolis? What are G1 and G7? What are MOA and MRAD?
What is the maximum energy ammunition  can use at the club?
- 100 joules
- 285 joules
- 480 joules

What distance were these shots fired at?
Where can you fire this?
What are these?
How many laws are being broken? 🙂
What calibre?
How many rounds capacity in total?