Abridged Competition Rules

Most competitions are governed by the rules set out by our governing body; the National Smallbore Rifle Association (NSRA): <LINK>.

The following is an abridged summary of the format of most competitions, and key rules to you get started:

  1. Most competitions comprise a number of rounds, with 1 or more cards per round.
  2. Cards have between 1 and 10 diagrams (targets), and each diagram must have the correct number of shots fired on it.
  3. The rounds must be shot in sequential order (1, 2, 3 etc) and each round must be shot on-or-before its specified shoot-by-date.
  4. Scoring can be inward (touching a scoring ring is awarded the higher score) or outward (touching a scoring ring is awarded the lower score).
  5. Once shot, every card must be signed by firer, then signed and dated by a present witness.

Card typeCompetition TypeDistanceRounds (shots per round)Cards per roundDiagrams per cardShots per diagramScoring type
Target Rifle (TR)
10 Bull
25yd10 (10)1101Outward
10 Bull25yd10 (10)1101Outward
5 Bull Standing and Kneeling25yd5 (10)152Outward
5 Target25yd5 (10)152Inward
50m50m10 (20)225Inward

“Dewar”50m +
10 (40)2
“Metric”50yd10 (20)225Inward
Lightweight Sporting Rifle (LWSR)
PL19 Standing or Kneeling25m10 (10 or 20)2 or 415Inward

Common causes for rounds being penalised or disqualified are:

  • Too many shots on a diagram.
  • Cards shot after the shoot-by-date.
  • Cards within a round shot on different dates.
  • Cards not signed or witnessed correctly.
  • Rounds shot in the wrong sequence.
  • Card with missing material, e.g. ripped corners, or over-enthusiastic guillotining.