All you wanted to know, but (perhaps) were afraid to ask…

Q. Can I just come along and shoot?

A. No, the law does not permit “have a go” visits. You would need to become a probationary member before you can participate. Note that as a probationary member, you are also not permitted to participate on your first visit. You also have to provide your full contact details in advance.

Q. What sort of shooting can I do at the Club?

.22 rimfire Target Rifle and 3-positional rifle and Lightweight Sporting Rifle (semi-auto). We do not currently have facilities for air-rifle or pistol.

Q. Can I buy ammunition at the range?

A. Ammo is available to purchase by prior arrangement.

Q. Is there any training?

A. Training and safety coaching will be available on a one to one basis, and Scatt training is also available.

Q. How many ranges are there at the Club?

We have 2 outdoor ranges and 1 indoor range:

  • 50 metres (12 firing point) and 100 yards (6 firing point) for .22 rifles.
  • 25 yards (6 firing point) for .22 rifles.

Q. Who owns the Club?

A. The members. It is a social organisation that is run by and for the members. It is not a commercial nor profit-making organisation.

Q. Do I have to be an experienced shot to join your club and shoot?

A. No, and we welcome firers at all levels. If you have never shot before members of the club will assist you to get started.

Q. Do I have to be a good shot to take part in competitions?

A. No. Most competitions are divided into 4 or 5 classes where equal abilities are grouped together. Other competitions are separated by declared averages to ensure those of equal ability compete against each other. Handicap competitions are also run which enable the lesser-skilled to compete on equal terms with the expert!

Q. As a member, would I be insured?

A. Members of the Club, visitors & guests are covered for Civil liability claims; personal equipment cover is a matter for individual members to arrange.

Q. Do I have to have my own firearm to shoot?

A. We have a limited number of club firearms for use by members, by prior arrangement. Members are encouraged to acquire their own firearm and equipment.

Q. Do I need any other equipment?

A. Club equipment is available, so no additional expense is required to start.

Q. Is this a sport for women?

A. Yes! Both sexes compete equally in most competitions (there are also competitions only for women).

Q. How old do I have to be to join?

A. Juniors need to be aged 14 or above and must also be accompanied by a parent or guardian. For adult members the upper limit is up to you! If you are sufficiently able to lie down on the floor and then get up again then you should manage.

Q. Is shooting expensive?

A. Please see the Join the club page for a summary of the annual and on-going costs.

Other costs depend on the individual and on personal requirements / circumstances; for example, how much and what grade of ammunition to use, competition entry fees, travel costs, visits to the chippy on the way home…

Q. When are the annual subscriptions due?

A. The subs run from the date of the AGM (usually in April), for 12 months. There is a proportional reduction when joining, dependent on how many months have elapsed, e.g. if you join in September, you would pay half the annual rate.

Q. How do I contact the Club?

Fill in your details & information request here: General enquiry. The Club will receive your message and will get in touch with you to discuss your enquiry in more detail.

Q. How do I become a member – I don’t have a Firearms Certificate?

A. You need to complete a membership form and return it to the Club together with the Joining Fee and the correct proportion of the annual subscription for the joining year. You will also need to provide suitable references. You then have to attend the Club to participate regularly over the next 6 months with a minimum of 12 attendances. This is the probationary period and on successful completion, full membership is confirmed at the next committee meeting.

Full membership not taken up by the applicant within 2 months of acceptance by the Club will be cancelled.

Probationary members without an FAC (Firearms Certificate) cannot hold a firearm or ammunition outside the bounds of the club.

Please be aware that all applicants for membership must sign a declaration stating that they are not prohibited by law from taking up shooting and holding a firearms certificate. This requirement applies to everyone without exception, irrespective of age.

Costs are outlined on the Join the club page, payable after the AGM date (Usually in April). We operate a sliding scale for the membership fee, such that you only pay for the balance of the months of the year remaining when you join.

There is a joining fee per person and this is paid no matter when during the year you join.

Please note that the minimum age for full membership is 18. We do have a junior section, the minimum age for which is 14.

Please do not think that our sport and this club is a male only preserve, it is not!

Q. I am an existing FAC holder / I am a member of a similar club. Can I join?

A. Of course! You will still need to complete a membership form and provide suitable references.

Your application will be considered at the next committee meeting. If you already hold an FAC, at the Committee’s discretion any probationary period may be waived.

FAC holders must provide a copy of their FAC (first page) and if you are (or were) a member of a similar club you will be expected to provide a suitable reference from your previous club.

Full membership not taken up by the applicant within 2 months of acceptance by the Club will be cancelled.

Q. Where can I get more detailed information about obtaining a Firearms Certificate?

A. For the most accurate & up-to-date advice, always contact the local Police Authority – for Hampshire click on this link:

Hampshire Police – Firearms Licensing

Q. I have been banned for drink-driving; is this a bar to obtaining a Firearms Certificate?

A. Not necessarily, but it must be declared when applying for a Firearms Certificate.

Q. What would be a bar to obtaining a Firearms Certificate?

A. Any criminal conviction involving violence or the use of firearms. Some minor offences lapse after the passage of a few years and a Firearms Certificate can then be granted. Note that it is essential that you declare any convictions of any sort to us on your application form.

Note: When making an application, you are required to make a declaration regarding any previous firearms or shotgun certificate applications you have made which were refused, and of any firearms or shotgun certificates held that have been revoked.

For more information relevant to Firearms licensing in Hampshire, click on this link: Hampshire Police – Firearms Licensing