Range Commands


Persons wishing to bring their own LWSR to the club will be expected to demonstrate a sound knowledge of the loading and unloading and making the rifle safe prior to taking part in an LWSR event, they should also use the Zero lane to ensure the rifle is on target and the scope or sights adjusted correctly prior to taking part in an LWSR event. The below is the procedure for uncasing a firearm on the firing point once the RCO has given their permission to move onto the firing point. 

1/ The rifle is to be removed from the box/case on the firing point with the muzzle pointing toward the target. 
2/ The rifle is to be proved clear. By the RCO. Where possible the shooter is to check the barrel is clear. 
3/ The shooter is to ensure the safety catch is in the ON /SAFE position. 
4/ A breach flag is to be inserted in the breach. 
5/ No other action is to be taken until the RCO has given their permission to do so. 

The following is the procedure for loading/firing and unloading in the prone/ bench rest positions. 

1/ Take up your position The RCO gives permission to get behind the rifle. 
2/ Check your rifle the shooter gets behind the rifle and ensures the safety catch is in the ON/SAFE position and the breach flag is inserted. 
3/ LOAD X ROUNDS the RCO then gives the command to load your magazine with X rounds of ammunition. The shooter then removes the breach flag and is to ensure the bolt is all the way forward. The shooter then inserts a magazine with the number of rounds specified for the chosen detail. 
4/ The RCO asks, IS ANYONE NOT READY? The shooters do not say anything unless they have a problem and indicate they have a problem by raising their arm. If there is a problem the RCO to instruct all the shooters to STAND BY until the problem is resolved. 
5/ The RCO then gives the command LOAD. The shooter pulls the bolt to the rear and allows the bolt to close under its own steam inserting the first round into the chamber. Do not force the bolt forward. 
7/ RCO will issue command to TAKE AIM The Shooter is to ensure they are aiming at their own specified target with the safety catch moved to the OFF/ Fire position ready to fire. 
8/ The RCO will issue the command. In the case of single shots. (With x number of rounds) ON YOUR OWN TARGET CARRY ON 
The shooter may fire all the specified rounds. In the case of turning targets the command is Watch & Shoot, Watch & Shoot. Once all the shooters have completed their detail, the RCO to give the command UNLOAD. The shooters are to then. 
1/ Apply the safety catch to the ON/ SAFE position. 
2/ Remove the magazine and check it is clear of ammunition. 
3/ Cock the rifle 3 times and ensure there are no rounds left in the chamber. 
4/ Pull and lock the bolt to the rear. 
5/ Await the RCO inspecting the rifle to ensure the magazine and rifle are clear of any rounds. 
6/ The RCO will then check your rifle and issue the command. CLEAR BREACH FLAG IN RIFLE DOWN. The shooter will then insert the breach flag and lay the rifle on the matt or bench with the muzzle facing the target and await the next command. 
7/ The RCO once certain all rifles are clear will issue the command STAND UP. The rifles are to stay on the on the mat / bench with a breach flag inserted. 
8/ The RCO will then issue the command to CLEAR THE FIREING POINT you may then remove your rifle and return it to its case /Box ready for the next detail to take up position.