Latest Shoot-By-Dates

Note: no allowance has been made for late shooting

Summer 2018

Round CSSC (50M/Dewar)
1 14 May
2 28 May
3 11 Jun
4 25 Jun
5 9 Jul
6 23 Jul
7 6 Aug
8 27 Aug
9 10 Sept
10 24 Sept

Notes for CSSC: All cards for each round are to be shot on the same day, on-or-before the last day for shooting, and in round order. Cards are to be signed by the shooter after shooting and then witnessed and dated by another club member. Shot cards are to be put in the draw marked CSSC. Start-date from when cards are placed in your folders. For 50m cards it is 10 shots per card with 5 shots on each diagram; For Dewar, the same for 50m and 10 shots per card at 100yds